wold i like you but based on mitski songs and other artists

so uhm hi this is my first quiz so please tell me what you think abt it . i am doing this quiz becoause im really bored and if someone gets offended or anything please tell me

this quiz is mostly based on mitski and songs or albums of hers and i knowww there arent enough questions but i ran out of ideasssssssss but btw thank youuu

Created by: scarlett
  1. do you enjoy listening more to upbeat mitski songs or slower ones?
  2. ok now choose an album of mitskis
  3. if you could be a mitski lyric , which one would it be?
  4. nowww choose some more artists i like
  5. are you like really introvert or an extrovert
  6. have you watched tvd? if so which one is ur fav?
  7. whats ur fav soda( rlly off topic but it is important)
  8. are you a bookworm or a musician( btw mommy issues make bookworms and daddy issues = musicians)
  9. which mitski songs do you prefer?
  10. do you like mitskis songs live or the studio-made ones?

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