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Hi there! Welcome to Wof Love story! This is girls only, so no boys pls! This is my first quiz, so sry if it’s bad. Anyway, I hop y’all enjoy my quiz! I worked really hard on it!

There is 22 questions (wow!) and I stayed up nearly all night making this. There are 8 results you can get (the art is not mine) I worked really hard on those to!

Created by: SilverBlossemWOF
  1. Me: Hello there! Are you ready to take the quiz? :D (p.s. this has no effect on your score!)
  2. Me:First things first! What tribe are you in?
  3. Me: ok! Let’s get started! Byeeee!!!
  4. It’s your first day of JMA! (Jade Mountain Academy) You feel...
  5. You arrive at the school and you really need to take a power nap, but you had NO IDEA WERE YOUR CAVE IS. You..
  6. (If you choose ask a reading Skywing) You walk over to him and realize his wings are star speckled, so he must be a hybrid. You go to ask, but he doesn’t notice you. You..
  7. Whatever you did, he quickly looks up at you. “ O-oh s-s-sorry I didn’t see y-you there.” He stutters. “I’m Finch. W-what did you ask me?”
  8. (If you choose to yell for help) A bouncing green RainWing comes to your distress. “HIYA!” He yells in your face. “I’m TreeFrog.I’ll help you find your cave!” He walks you to your cave, talking way to much and eating mangos. While your walking you....
  9. Soon TreeFrog drops you off at your cave. “ I had fun chatting with you!” He grins. Now he’s just STARING AT YOU. You notice that he’s blushing. You..
  10. (If you choose ask a cowering Seawing) You walk over to him and try to ask but he yelps and hides behind a rock. At first you think “what a wimp!” But you notice he’s hiding from something else. You turn around and see to mean looking sandwings. You..
  11. Weather you tried to run away, fight back, or cowered with him the sandwings picked you and the Seawing up. They started teasing y’all and calling you “wimps”. You..
  12. Whatever you did, they let you go. (ONLY DO THIS QUESTION IF YOU STAYED WITH THE SEAWING) He said thank you and that his name was Tidal. He said he was sorry about the bullies, and said that they’ll think hard before they bully him again. You..
  13. (If you choose go ask a teacher) you push though a crowd to get to Fatespeker, because she’s handing out maps. You bump into a Mudwing wearing glasses. The scrolls he was carrying all scattered on to the ground. “ Sorry miss.” He says while picking up scrolls. “ I’m Squelch, glad to meet you my dear lady.”
  14. You ask him for help finding your cave. He agrees a d walks you to your cave. While he walks you back he gives you a long, long lecture about how they shaped the caves(me: hey why does this remind me of TreeFrogs senecio?)You find this.....
  15. (If you choose you don’t need help) you are walking around the school when you bump into a Icewing. (cold!) “WATCH IT!” He yells. You....
  16. He looks at you for a second.“ Sorry, I got a little angry there.” He says calmly. “ I’m Polar, and you are?” You say...
  17. After your awkward meeting(s)the bell rings and you head to class. You sit next to....
  18. No matter what you chose, the only seat available was next to a NightWing. As SOON as you sit down he looks at you and smirks. “Hey there cutie, your lookin good today. I’m Soulspeaker by the way.” He brings you out of class (somehow) and twins his tail with yours. “So, mrs adorable, do you know who your claw mates are?” “No” you answer. “That’s a shame, who do you hope to be clawmates with?”
  19. Before you can say anything, the bell rings and your off to your dorm. While your walking there your pulled into a dark cave. A talon is muffled over your mouth so you can’t yell.
  20. A sandwing shape begins to form. “Hello, y/n. I’m Rattlesnake.” He says sinisterly. “ Just imagine the possibilities.” He says circling around you. “You and me. The rulers of this pathetic school.” He pulls you in close. “So, what do you say? Will you marry me so we can become the king and queen of this school?”
  21. “LEAVE HER ALONE!” A voice shouted from the distance. Was that...Poler? Poler lunged toward Rattlesnake and bit him. The started a huge fight. You..
  22. CLIFFHANGER (dun dun duuun!) Don't worry i’ll make a part 2. See you around!

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