witch naruto character said this?

hey all you naruto fans if you think you got what it takes to pass this quiz try it!!! few will pass but as for the rest they will fail and become losers!!! try me!! muwahahahahaha muwahahahahhaha try it.

do YOU know a lot about naruto saskue sakura kakashi gaara? any naruto fan should! so do you?!? i bet you dont so try and cry. cry little baby cry and run!!! also try my other quiz! do you know kakashi hatake?

Created by: kakashilover#1

  1. witch naruto character said this? im gonna kick your but.Beleive it!
  2. what lies in your future is defeat.
  3. haha. bear witness to my tenquneak.
  4. hehe. beeee nice. hehe
  5. i live for myself.and fight only for myself!
  6. ugh!!! what a drag...
  7. is there someone presious to you?
  8. FANG OVER FANG!!!!!
  9. human bolder!!!!!
  10. i will kill you. you killd our whole clan!!!
  11. 8 trigrams of 64 palms!

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