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Test your knowledge of the Wings of Fire with is incredibly difficult Wings of Fire quiz to end all Wings of Fire quizzes! There are 30 very hard questions to tackle, and your result will be the official resting place of your Wings of Fire knowledge!

Become the smartest, most awesome dragon-lover ever with the hardest quiz ever made! But, that said, I am not trying to offend other WOF quiz makers. Try out some other Wings of Fire quizzes, too! Enjoy!

Created by: ~Tsunami~
  1. Book 1: Has Clay ever tried escaping through the skyhole?
  2. Book 2: Who does Tsunami suspect to be the princess assassin?
  3. Book 3: Who is the very first dragon Glory meets in the rainforest?
  4. Book 4: Who is Mastermind's lab assistant?
  5. Book 5: What does Sunny name the two scavengers she meets in the forest?
  6. Book 6: What are the names of Moonwatcher's parents?
  7. Book 7: What circle of the rankings is Winter in as of before Hailstorm's rescue?
  8. Book 8: What is the object that enchants Peril's firescales?
  9. Book 9: What is the first thing Turtle ever enchanted?
  10. Book 10: What is Qibli's biggest dream and wish?
  11. Book 11: What is Blue and Luna's favourite food?
  12. Book 12: Who is Cricket's mother?
  13. Book 13: Who is Sundew's best friend?
  14. ~Legends~ Darkstalker: What is Darkstalker's opinion on animus magic?
  15. ~Legends~ Dragonslayer: What is the name of Wren's friend, Undauntable's cat?
  16. Book 1: What was the name of the IceWing that was supposed to be the dragonets' guardian?
  17. Book 2: What is Tsunami's first treasure?
  18. Book 3: Who does Starflight think is queen when the dragonets arrive in the rainforest village?
  19. Book 4: Where does Starflight get the dreamvisitor?
  20. Book 5: Who dies first?
  21. Book 6: Does Moonwatcher want to go to school at first?
  22. Book 7: What is the name of the dragon Hailstorm is enchanted to turn into?
  23. Book 8: Where does the fight between Scarlet and Ruby for the SkyWing throne happen?
  24. Book 8: What is the first spell cast by Anemone that starts the animus fight between her and Turtle?
  25. Book 10: Who tries to kill Thorn for the SandWing throne?
  26. Book 11: What is the first thing Blue says to Cricket?
  27. Book 13: What does Sundew think about tsetse flies?
  28. ~Legends~ Darkstalker: Who does Whiteout want to marry?
  29. ~Legends~ Dragonslayer: What is the name of the Dragonslayer?
  30. Bonus! What is the name of the main character in the coming book, The Dangerous Gift?

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