Wings of Fire Love Story prt 1 (Girls)

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This is a love quiz about your dragon from your tribe at JADE MOUNTAIN. You can be a Pantalan dragon if you want :) this is my 3rd quiz so sorry if it's bad.

Okay, there are nine options you can get. One of them is yourself of course. There is also an option for just a friend. Let me know if you want a part 2!

  1. First, let's get some background! So I was thinking you could be a rightwing... but what would be even MORE fun is if you chose! So... Choose your own name and tribe. You can also be a hybrid if you want. (Won't affect score)
  2. It's your first day at Jade Mountain! It's also the first day you get to go to school with a Pantala dragon!
  3. You walk over to Fatespeeker and she gives you your scroll. "Thanks!" You say. You look down at your paper. Coral Winglet it says. Blissful: Silkwing - _________(Your name) ______(Your tribe) - Sandstinger: Sand/Hivewing - Secretseeker: Nightwing - Treebarb: Rain/Leafwing - Boris: Icewing - Toad: Mudwing - Ripple: Seawing - Kinglet: Skywing
  4. You find your way to your sleeping cave well. When you walk in you see the Sand/Hivewing hybrid. "Hey!" He says walking over to you, "My name is Sandstinger" "Hi," You say shyly. he pokes you, "You don't like hybrids or something?"
  5. You talk with Sandstinger for a little while. Since you have a while before your first class, you decide to explore. On your way, you bump into a Nightwing, who nearly knocks the breath out of you.
  6. "Sorry," He says, "I'm Secretseeker" He looks at you like he's reading your mind. You cover your ears with your claws hoping that will help him get out of your mind. "Oh," he rubs his neck, "I don't read minds--if you wondering."
  7. You decide to move on and start to walk down the hall. "Wait!" Secretseeker calls, "Where are you going?"
  8. If you said, "To the library" (If you didn't skip the question) "Great! I'm going there too!"
  9. If you said eating place (if not skip) You walk into the eating area and see a Mudwing and Silkwing eating together.
  10. If you choose outside (if not skip) You walk outside... and ya
  11. HAHAHA! Don't worry I'll make a part 2.
  12. Comment if you liked! :)
  13. Okay LAST question. You didn't get to meet all of the possible characters so if you get someone you didn't meet you'll probably meet him next time!

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