Wings of fire dragnets

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Find out who you are !!! remember to answer how you really feel if you want to get a true correct answer on who you are. This may not make sense if you have not read the Wings of fire series. PLEASE PLEASE DO MORE QUIZZES BY TACO!!!

Are you Sunny??????? Clay????Tsunami?????Glory?????Starflight????? DO THIS QWIZ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!This may not make sense if you have not read the Wings of fire series.

Created by: Taco
  1. How do you describe yourself
  2. What is your secret??
  3. Dinner??
  4. What is a ideal cool name
  5. If a sandwing named Scorpions was your bunk mate in jade mountain academy. What would you do.
  6. If scorpions suddenly attacked Blowfish what would you do.
  7. If a Ice wing attacked you what would you do??
  8. Who is your favorite of the below
  9. How do you feel others see you as
  10. THIS WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR ANSWER!How do you rat this qwiz 1 as HATE IT. 4 as okay 8 as love it!!Please answer truthfully

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