wings of fire. Are you related to Darkstalker

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Are you related to darkstalker find out now. With only 12 questions this is the quiz for you. Please go to my fandom page at the forums/lounge@ wings of fire fandom by EmmaL1nd

I hope you enjoyed this. Go to my fandom and post your result. Have a nice day. Hope you liked this please share with friends. Thank you in advance.!!!

Created by: EmmaL1nd

  1. where do you see yourself in the future
  2. do you conspire against enemies and make plans to embarrass them
  3. what is your favorite color. Is it a dark or light color.
  4. If you had magical power what would they be
  5. what would you do with those powers
  6. what do you like to eat
  7. are you smart
  8. what wings of fire tribe did you get in my other quiz[no urls] . Type in this url code to reach the site or go to my homepage
  9. do your friends find you funny
  10. what type of person are you
  11. would you bring a loved one back from the dead even if it made them feel so sad that they did not love you any more
  12. you have magic powers but if you use them you turn evil. Would you use them.

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Quiz topic: Wings of fire. am I related to Darkstalker