Will your Dad like your Boyfriend? [Girls Only]

Your boyfriend is great, you love him so much. But, if you ever want to get married, he have to through dad, the toughest examiner ever. Will your guy make it?

You never knew how many factors went into your dad 'liking' Your boyfriend, did you? You'll find out soon enough if your dad actually likes him, or if you should dump him.

Created by: Demsil
  1. Does he have tattoo(s)?
  2. Any rings?
  3. How about his hair?
  4. Does he use foul language?
  5. Is he 'Flirty'? (ea. Kisses, hugs, snuggles etc. excessively)
  6. Does he drink?
  7. How about smoke?
  8. How does he do with the modern-day problem: 'Pants on the ground'? Be honest.
  9. Do you live together?
  10. Does he have a good, Paying job?
  11. What kind of car does he have?
  12. Has he ever bought you an inappropriate dress/outfit?
  13. Has he ever walked in on you when you were in the shower?
  14. How often do you see each other?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir Dad like my Boyfriend? [Girls Only]