will you survive the zombie apacalypse?

my quiz tells you if you are a genius or a dumb person it is well researched and someone very intelegent came up with the quiz me the maker of this zombie quiz

if yo want to become a zombie expert then keep taking this quiz until you get a onehundered on this awesome zombie survival quiz really stands out from the others

Created by: Joseph

  1. what is your weapon of choice
  2. who would be in your group
  3. what type of clothes would you wear
  4. where would you go to stay
  5. how would you move
  6. you are in a walmart there are dozens of zombies
  7. someone in your party gets bit
  8. your the only one left in your party
  9. do you have a plan
  10. how strong are you

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie apacalypse?