will you survive THE apocalypse

hello in case of the unrealistic scenario of a zombie break out will you DIE or FRY EM! (sorry bad pun) . i created it for fun only so if you take it seriously and you do DIE dont sue me.

but you could learn a thing or to and i hope its funny and maybe even like it please. if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments and i will probably use them thanks.

Created by: the floper kid
  1. you are in new York city then you find out a zombie apocalypse happens whadya do
  2. okay so lets say you chose right and your now in vermont do you camp in the supermarket
  3. chose your weapon
  4. which football team do you support (International)
  5. how many people do you want on your team
  6. do you think guns will be good for you during the apocalypse
  7. which city will be abandoned first
  8. how can you trust your freinds
  9. which place will you avoid at all cost the most
  10. chose a country to save
  11. do u eat whatever you find
  12. if you find an tablet/phone whadya do
  13. where do you think it all started (8 options)

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Quiz topic: Will I survive THE apocalypse