Will you survive my shadow world.

The things that are awake at night and attack the humans like us need a new ruler an this is part one on the test. the next one is to find a maze and find the key at the hand of death the maze is at a place unkown to me.

Welcome you need me to play a game to test your skill of darkness.This is all a test the higher the score the more likely you will find the maze told of in comment above have fun and enjoy.

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  1. Your best friend turns out to be a werewolf how do you take it?
  2. You find a little cat. Later you find out it is dead and will try and suck out your soul. What do you do?
  3. You find your family dead and see a dark form in the middle of the pile. You try and attack the form and you see it's face it is you what do you do now?
  4. You find three doors they all have a mark on them what do you open. ※very importent one pick wisely※
  5. if you chose Skull a you find a portal.
  6. Fire door you end up in hell and the door is gone.
  7. Egg you find an easter egg.
  8. now all those were just for fun now you find a well. ※no matter what※
  9. almost done now you come face to face with your self agian they are back to try and kill you agian.
  10. The doors are back. there are 4 this time pick one and find out if you live or not.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive my shadow world.