will you survive a zombie apocalyspe?

sssssooooo, if there really is a zombie apocalyspe, you need to know if you will survive or die stright away.what will i be.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL U DIE?

live? die? live or die die or live live or die?a few of the questins dont really have much to do with your results.LOL!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) hi hi

Created by: wildnightcat

  1. are you an outcast
  2. whats your fave weapon
  3. whaats your most treasured object
  4. fave animal
  5. fave colour
  6. fave mythical creature
  7. fave thing to do
  8. fave kinda dog
  9. fave pattern
  10. fave shape

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie apocalyspe?