Will you score 100%?

Can you get 100%?! Well, I dunno. I can't read minds. But I can see ghosts. They don't like me... Oh! I'm still here? Alright, your goal is to get 100%. Bon Voyage!

Get 100%! That is your goal. But, if you want references or money, or even a space shuttle, I suggest that you aim a little lower. Not like you can, seeing that you don't even know the correct answers.

Created by: The Chicken

  1. Why are you here?
  2. ...Pick a sin...?
  3. Alright, next thing's next... Colours seem apparent in every quiz. Pick the right one!
  4. Sega or Nintendo?
  5. ..Is this right? Oh, kay.. Pick an emoticon... I guess.
  6. Um.. The script says 'Bath or shower?'
  7. Next one is... Dammit! I lost the script!
  8. Well, let fate decide, since SOMEONE won't give me script..
  9. Thank god, I got the script! Let's see... Oh, that was the last question.
  10. So, adí­os!

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Quiz topic: Will I score 100%?