will you risk your life

whaether you are maridah from brave or a total chicken or scardey cat it doesnt matter you are extrodonary i would love for you to rate me and thanks

brave?! yes? no? well why don't you find out i made this quix for you guys and hope you like it and if you dont plz tell me why ... lol ill try to do my best

Created by: zero sama

  1. Quick! your loved ones are dying ! what should you do!?
  2. a man you don't know who is obviously blind walks in between a busy highway ... and suddenly" HONK HONK !!" ...What do you do?
  3. your'e sleeping and you hear a bump in the night ...
  4. you are in a bar and your'e best friend is in a fight ...
  5. do you think you're brave ( don't give me bull..)
  6. the lil' old lady across you street has her cat on a tree and she can't get it down
  7. a stranger is on a bridge prepared to commit suicide and you
  8. your'e loved one has been kidnaped and you
  9. a robber steals a purse
  10. which one describes you the most?
  11. did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Will I risk my life