Will you marry your crush

Sometimes we wonder if we could possibly marry our beloved. Wonder no more. With this quiz, all problems will be solved! Though it might not be accurate, it's fun to fancy that we might marry our crush.

If you get a no, please don't be devestated. there are still chances. And there are still other people out there. This is for the fun of see the answers.

Created by: Rosie

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  1. Does he/she flirt with you?
  2. Does he/she avoid you or constantly try to get your attention?
  3. Does he talk to you a lot?
  4. When you talk with him/her, does he try to make you laugh?
  5. Does he/she say things like "You look nice"?
  6. Does he/she like the stuff you do?
  7. Say you love VT. You have a VT bedroom, you go to every game, and you sign up for football at the school. Say your crush signs up too. Yes?
  8. Does your crush try to set up study dates, sleepovers, etc.?
  9. Your talking to your crush and happen to say your bike is broken. Would your crush offer to fix it?
  10. Do you think your crush likes you?
  11. Do you think your crush likes you?

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Quiz topic: Will I marry my crush