who will i marry??

Have you ever wondered who you will marry? This Quiz will tell you who your perfect match is through in depth questions!

The are 6 possible matches for you...Melvin, Dirk, Will, Austin, Carl, and Bucky! Take this Quiz to find out your perfect guy!!!

Created by: Ray Norshine
  1. What is your personality?
  2. What is most important to you?
  3. What color are you?
  4. What is your favorite TV show?
  5. What is your favorite sport?
  6. Do you want kids?
  7. Favorite Electronic...
  8. What job do you want to have?
  9. What steriotype are you?
  10. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  11. What is your favorite food?
  12. Favorite texting phrase...

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