Will You Marry Your Crush

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Do you have a crush? Have you ever wondered if they feel the same way about you? You might even wonder if you and your crush ever have a chance of getting married one day.

Well today is your lucky day because this quiz will let you know if you and your crush are a match made in heaven or if it is time to move onto someone else.

Created by: Bianca

  1. Does your crush know you exist?
  2. Does your crush ever text you first?
  3. Do you and your crush ever flirt?
  4. Is your crush in a relationship
  5. Do they ever look at you?
  6. Have you ever kissed them?
  7. What do your friends think of your crush?
  8. Do you think your crush likes you?
  9. How long have you liked your crush?
  10. Do you think your in the friend zone?

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