Will You Make the Cheer Squad?

So…. Imagine you're starting either high school or middle school, and you see a sign that says “CHEER TRYOUTS” And you want to try and make the Cheer Squad.

This test's tell you whether or not you'll make it. And, maybe it'll help you be more inspired or something and practice more. So if you do that, take the test again. And this test may not be accurate, sooooo, too bad!

Created by: Avery
  1. Do you have lots of energy?
  2. Are you afraid of messing up or of big crowds?
  3. Do you do other sports that require flexibility?
  4. Do you have a strong voice?
  5. Do you practice for everything you do?
  6. Are you okay with short shorts or skirts? (Depends if you're female or male)
  7. Are you afraid of heights or falling and hurting yourself?
  8. Can you try and keep yourself as fit as possible. Or weigh about the average weight if your age?
  9. Can you remember stuff easily?
  10. Do you get lots of sleep? (Yes, this is important!)
  11. Ready to see your results?

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