Will you make the Cheer Squad?

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Hello cheerleaders! This quiz is a 100% true quiz of whether or not you will make the cheer team. Be as confident and honest as you can or the results will be incorrect. Goodluck!

Cheerleading is amazing! It helps you learn something new, keeps you positive, lifts your spirit, and keeps you athletic! Its an amazing sport to try so i highly suggest cheer! If you do, stay safe whilst cheering and remember to have fun! Goodluck cheerleaders!

Created by: Alisha.
  1. Are you a social, kind, confident person?
  2. What are your toe touches like?
  3. What are your tumbling skills like?
  4. Are you strong?
  5. How often do you exercise per week?
  6. Do you get tired easily?
  7. What is your strength in cheer?
  8. Are you willing to give up some time to do cheer?
  9. Do you like to work with/as a team?
  10. Do you eat healthy?

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Quiz topic: Will I make the Cheer Squad?