You probably love God. But how much? Are you willing to refrain from talking for 3 hours this Good Friday? Let's find out. Think, My dear Watson, think! ~Sherlock Holmes... altered slightly by rubber paw.

We're about to find out how much you love God, and whether or not you are absolutely, positively going to refrain from talking, whether you will try, or whether you just plain won't. Always the tone of surprise... ~Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley

Created by: rubber paw
  1. Will you honor your Lord on Good Friday?
  2. Are you a Christian?
  3. Are you Catholic or Protestant? No hard feelings. I'm Catholic. :)
  4. (Catholic Q&A, but more bible-ish so Protestants and all Christians welcome!) What were the 3 words Jesus said to John as he hung on the Cross?
  5. What is the shortest Bible verse and how long is it?
  6. (This question is more directly Catholic, but Protestants are welcome to take a guess! NOTE: I am not trying to be discriminatory in ANY way, I am a catholic myself and therefore that is what faith I know most about.) What is/are the cloth/s that the priest lays under the gifts as he prepares them for Holy Communion?
  7. (read above parentheses and it pertains to this question too.) What are the ropes worn around the waists of Altar servers (like myself), Priests, Deacons, Monks, and Nuns, called?
  8. (Again, that pertains to this question too.) What is the book that most an Altar server would hold up for the Priest to read out of, or that would go onto the Altar on a stand as he prepares the gifts called? Hint: It has recently been changed, as has the whole wording of the Catholic Mass.
  9. (Back to Bible) What is the first of Jesus' last seven words from the cross?
  10. What is the 2nd of Jesus's last 7 words from the Cross?
  11. What is the 3rd of the last 7 of Jesus' words from the cross?
  12. What is the 4th of Jesus' last 7 words from the cross?
  13. What were the 5th out of Jesus' last 7 words from the cross?
  14. What was the 6th out of 7 of Jesus' last words on the cross?
  15. Finally, what were Jesus's last words as he hung on the cross before he died for us?

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