Will you fight for good or evil

Have you ever wondered if your powers would be used for good or evil? Why not give this quiz a try and see what you get good evil or maybe something else interlay

Keep in mind I haven't made many so this may not be the best but I'm sure it'll be fun besides you've already made it this far why not find out just what side your powers are for?

Created by: AaylaCrona
  1. What type of weather do you find the best?
  2. Your friend needs you!
  3. Favourite shade
  4. Someone hurt the person you love What do you do?
  5. You now hold a secret that can completely rune the person you hate the most!
  6. You see a small dog that looks like it's hurt what do you do?
  7. Someone hurt you
  8. What type of ending do you like for movies?
  9. You're walking down the road as see someone having troubles with walking
  10. On your days off you
  11. When you look at the moon what is the word you'd use to describe it?
  12. Someone says something bad about you what do you do?
  13. Someone you met a long time ago asks for your help
  14. Someone steps out of them shadows and tells you that they can give you one wish What would you do?
  15. What side do you see yourself fighting for?

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Quiz topic: Will I fight for good or evil