Will You Be Rich When You Grow Up?

So do you think you'll be rich when you grow up? Take this quiz to kind out. Since, I'm not a sidekick I don't exactly know but depending on what you have I think that it will sort of tell you.

So, you hope your rich right? I hope I do too. If your already rich then your lucky real real real lucky. Make sure to take this quiz and I'll tell you how to be rich at the very end.

Created by: Eleanor
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you live in?
  2. Whenever you go somewhere do you or your parents buy alot of things?
  3. How often do you your parents work?
  4. Do you have alot of money?
  5. Are you famous
  6. Are you on tv on episodes?
  7. Do they pay you money? (You can skip these questions if your not famous)
  8. Do you get money for doing chores?
  9. Do You Want Tips On How To Get Rich?
  10. If you do go to pch.com

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Quiz topic: Will I Be Rich When You Grow Up?