Will you be rich, average, or poor??

There are some people out there that are wealthy. But not all....Some you can tell if they're welthy, just and average person, or POOR! Do you wanna find out if your gonna be wealthy as you get older? Well now here's your chance!

Will YOU be rich?? Will you turn out to be just an average person?? Or will be just plain POOR?! You've probobly been waiting far too long...well now heres your chance!

Created by: Natalie

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Were you born with a very wealthy family??
  2. Whats ur favourite colour?? (No offect on the question)
  3. How big is your house??
  4. Are you homeschooled? (No offect)
  5. Do you have enough money to afford a Wii??
  6. MONEY!!
  7. Do you want to purchase this huge 5 inch plasma flat screen t.v??
  8. I waz kidding about the t.v
  9. How many t.v's do u have in your house??
  10. Did u like this quiz?? (No offect) Reminder: Don't forget to rate and comment on this quiz when ur done!!

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Quiz topic: Will I be rich, average, or poor??