will you be rich

there are many people wondering if they are going to be able to eat and have fully happy and healthy family. do you want to know whether you are going to be able to have great wealth? take this quiz to find out.

if you enjoyed this quiz please rate if you do let me know an I will rate your quizzes. remember the wealth quiz. please enjoy and I hope you get the result yo have hoped for.

Created by: Adrianna Everett

  1. do you like working
  2. why are taking this quiz
  3. do you like paying for your own stuff
  4. what is your dream job
  5. how many kids do you want
  6. how are your grades in school
  7. do you save money
  8. would you scraps if you had to
  9. how much family members do you have
  10. do you have an allowance
  11. are you sad to end this quiz

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Quiz topic: Will I be rich