will you be my new girlfriend

this quiz was meant for girls only and absolutely no boys! or you'll have to deal with me but if i can't deal with you i'll report you if any guys take this quiz!

now that i've cleared that this quiz is for hot single girls that are in need of a boyfriend! cause i'm single and looking for a girlfriend! love you bye!

Created by: the vladster
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how big are your tits?
  2. what is your body type?
  3. how hot are you?
  4. how much do you want to be my girlfriend?
  5. do want my cell phone number?
  6. do you want to give me your number?
  7. do you want to see your results?
  8. are you going to rate?
  9. are you going to comment?
  10. are you going to give your number to me in the comments?
  11. Are you single?

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Quiz topic: Will I be my new girlfriend