How much do u love your crush?

There are some people who are goin out with some one just to have a girlfriend/boyfriend.Some were just raised wrong and dont care.Some dont care about world and the people in it.So this makes them act the way the choose.

There are the other people with good lives and who care.They want a boyfriend/girlfriend for love,honesty,compassion,and sombody they can trust.Some dont get that kind of love and compassion at home like some people do,so they need someone to trust.

Created by: mycellmyworld
  1. How much do you care about him/her?
  2. Do you care if he/she flirts with others?
  3. how much do u love him/her?
  4. Can you trust him/her?
  5. Do you get mad at them alot?
  6. Do you talk alot?
  7. Would you be seen in public with them?
  8. have you hugged yet?
  9. Have u kissed?
  10. Do u like them just the way they are?

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Quiz topic: How much do u love my crush?