Are you in love with him (Girls)

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Am I in love with him?" you wonder. Don't worry...this isn't a quiz with stupid questions like, "Do you call each other every day?" So, what do you say? It can't hurt to try and find out.

This 10 question quiz will help you decide if you really love this person or if it's all just a crush. Answer honestly (your answers are confidential so it's all good there.) Now your question, "Am I in love?" will be answered.

Created by: DJ Cecilia of Delix Club
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  1. When you see him for the first time that day/night, you feel:
  2. Have you honestly ever felt the same way about this guy as you have with any other guys?
  3. Say you two are not would you feel if you saw him talking to another girl?
  4. Any time he looks at you, smiles at you, touches you, whatever - you feel
  5. Have you ever dreamed about him? (Be honest.)
  6. When you think about him, you:
  7. Can you describe your feelings for him?
  8. Do you know much about him? Not just his favourite colour, but also his morals, his goals, how he feels about his family/having a family, what he's most passionate about, what he does on a typical Saturday morning....
  9. What do you like best about him?
  10. I've stressed the importance of being honest with yourself while taking this quiz. If you haven't, save yourself from false hope and go back and take it again. Now, then. Can you imagine yourself with him? Not in some fantasy place where the sun is setting, or dancing under a starlit sky, or kissing in the rain. Big moments are very important - but I mean, can you imagine yourself with him on an everyday basis? Coming home from work to see him, cooking breakfast together, going shopping for baby clothes? Can you picture what he'd say or do? Do those things match up to his personality?

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