Will You Be Missed When You Die?

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Lots of people wonder: Will lots of people come to my funeral? Will people cry when I die? Will a lot of people be sad when I die? Well I think you should know the answers!

WILL you be missed when you die? If you want to know, just take this quiz! Most people are graded in life on kindness, so that's how I will grade you!

Created by: tara the amazing
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  1. Would you consider yourself a "Nice Person"?
  2. Do you always wish friends and family a happy birthday? (On their birthday of course)
  3. Are you a good listener?
  4. When someone asks for help, do you help them?
  5. Do you ever preform random acts of kindness? (ex. Buying a piece of candy for someone when they DIDN'T ask)
  6. Do you ever do things for people whithout them knowing? (and without them asking)
  7. Have you ever been told that you are a good person? (***NO EFFECT***)
  8. Do you ever tease people?
  9. Has anyone ever told you that people talk about you behind your back? (***LITTLE EFFECT***)
  10. Has anyone ever told you that someone else told THEM that you are really nice? (***LITTLE EFFECT***)
  11. Have you ever been absent from school or spent a long time away from your friends, and when you come back they tell you they missed you? (***LITTLE EFFECT***)
  12. Thanks for taking my quiz! (***No effect, DUH!***)

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Quiz topic: Will I Be Missed When You Die?