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Well my qquiz is justfor fun . I just felt like makeing a quiz.And this is a save website,so you don't have to wory.And this quiz is not about me it's about hte world.

I ope you are happy for what you got.If you think you didn't do a good job feel free to take the quiz again.sorry if I missed spelled my words.Have fun.

Created by: How smart are you
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  1. Who is the highst paid actor? Is it:
  2. Who is the top earning actress? Is it:
  3. Who has the most downloaded artist? Is it:
  4. What is the best selling magazine for kids? Is it:
  5. What is the longest -running broadway show? Is it:
  6. What is the most country that spends the most on video games? Is it:
  7. What is the most visited website? Is it:
  8. What countrha the most personal coumputers? Is it:
  9. What is the heaviest land annnimal? Is it:
  10. What is the most posinus mushroom? Is it:

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