Will you be famous?

There are many talented, beautiful people out there. Many people out there are exceptional at something, whatever it is. However, only a small amount actually become famous...

Will you be famous? Will your special thing bring you fame and fortune? After this quiz, you will find out! Please remember that this quiz isn't accurate and just fun!

Created by: Jemima
  1. When you have a job to do, do you do it?
  2. Do you even want to be famous?
  3. Do you have a special talent/feature that people compliment/praise you on?
  4. Pick one (DOES affect)
  5. Are you popular?
  6. Are you socialable?
  7. Hi! Can I ask you some questions?
  8. That last question did count!
  9. Will you rate and comment?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? Just remember it isn't accurate, just some fun! Don't take your result seriously! :)

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Quiz topic: Will I be famous?