Will you be a Successful Gachatuber?

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Hello everybody! My name's Vanspelt! So, I'm assuming that you want to become a Gachatuber, right? If not, you're probably doing it just for fun. I really hope this goes fine for you!

You can find me in Wattpad and Youtube by searching the name Vanspelt. That is if you want to. Now let's get on the Quiz! (Info's not accurate so I don't know)

Created by: Vanspelt of My Channel!
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  1. Why would you start a Gacha Channel in the first place?
  2. What kind of content will you make?
  3. Have you even started a channel?
  4. Do you have drawing or tweening experience?
  5. Do you plan on placing some vlogs or gameplay videos on your Gacha Channel?
  6. How will you treat your fans?
  7. Do you have any original ideas for your videos?
  8. Are you the type to stick with trends, especially Gacha-Trends?
  9. Do you have an imaginative mind?
  10. Do you listen to logic?

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Quiz topic: Will I be a Successful Gachatuber?