Will the Tail Doll like you?

hi,my name is Masky02 and today TD will be here to ask you some questions so enjoy! :-) TD: Hope you like it or i will stalk you and tickle you untill you said you liked it and MASKY02 TOO,HAHA I JUST SAID,TOO TOO. ME: NOO!

TD: I WILL KILL YOU FOR MAKING ME DO THIS,MAKING ME ACT NICE! ME: now Tails plushe the doll you need to be nice or this quiz wont be good! TD: DONT CALL ME THAT,BUT I WILL TRY! ME:yay! enjoy

Created by: Masky02

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what weapon do you preffer?
  2. what is you favorite color?
  3. what do you like about me?
  4. do you think im cool?
  5. do you preform my curse?
  6. why do you preform my curse?
  7. do i have beautiful eyes?
  8. am i an interesting creepypasta?
  9. is my game fun? (sonic R)
  10. and my final question: will you like,comment and other stuff i cant remember pwease! (puppy dog eyes)

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