Will i date you? (girls only)

There are a lot of girls that want bf but a few are not lucky enough to get a bf but if your one of them this quiz might change your life (only if your lucky enough)also watch markiplier

What are you waiting for? this is your chance to get a bf,if your lucky.if you get a yes you can contact me or idk but goahead take this quiz you don't have all day!

Created by: Cmpunkie4567
  1. What's your favorite rap singer
  2. What kind of date?
  3. Favorite name?
  4. Do you watch/like the show big brother
  5. Favorite game?
  6. Jmgbpjwgjtp
  7. You'r favorite vine?
  8. What kind of girl are you?
  9. Rate or comment
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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