Wild Kratts: Who Does Aviva Really care About?

Wild Kratts is an cartoon animal show based on the real life Kratt brothers. They included Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy as gang members. Aviva is the inventor; Koki's the Tracker; and Jimmy's the Helper.

To many shows on Wild Kratts, I have seen so much caring that brought me to make this quiz. I was wondering by so much shippers, Who does Aviva really like?

Created by: Rachel-Ann

  1. If Aviva were to get a secret admirer valentine card, who would she expect?
  2. Of all the inventions she had made, What is her favorite?
  3. Of the creature power discs, which one did she like?
  4. Who does she hate the most?
  5. Was is Aviva scared of?
  6. What is Aviva's favorite food?
  7. What is Aviva's weakness?
  8. What is Aviva's favorite Animal?
  9. What is Aviva's Favorite color?
  10. Where does Aviva sleep?
  11. Of all the places she had been, What is her favorite place?
  12. Who does Aviva admire?
  13. What is Aviva's sport?

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