Wich Warrior cat are you quiz!

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Just answer the questions to find out what cat you are. It is that easy! Good luck everyone! And I hope you like my quiz. Thank you! Don't forget to tell people about how fun this quiz is!

Thank you everyone. Frrrrrrrooooooooooommmmmmmm HHHHHHHOOOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYYYYYLLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAAFFFFFFF! I hope you enjoyed this quiz. and if you want to make your own go to gotoquiz.com/quiz/maker/desighn-quiz.html?t=multi

Created by: Hollyleaf

  1. Wich one is you?
  2. Which animal do you like best?
  3. Which prey would you rather eat?
  4. If your best friend, a kit, and a elder were about to down which one would you save first?
  5. What does starclan mean to you?
  6. What color pelt?
  7. What color eyes?
  8. When would you hunt prey?
  9. At a full moon gathering you would?
  10. who is your favorite cat?

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