Wich type of dragon are you ?

There are many dragons but I only have the three that I consider the "main" ones. I like dragons. I always daydream about flying and breathing fire. If you do to this quiz is for you.

Every one must unleash there inner dragon. But only few are brave enough to. ... are you one of those people. Are you ready to discover your own dragon fate...

Created by: Thea
  1. Do you like dragons?
  2. Pick a color?
  3. Where would you want to live
  4. What's your favorite element
  5. Would you want to go on a walk by the beach
  6. Would you want to live by the forest
  7. Do you like heat
  8. I'm already out of ideas so bare with me the next few questions won't affect your answer
  9. Do you day dream
  10. Ok back to dragon questions
  11. Do you like walking swimming or flying more
  12. I want some constructive criticism on how this quiz could be better ok

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Quiz topic: Wich type of dragon am I ?