wich jonas brother will fall in love with you

you get to se what jonas brother would fall in love with you. you can get joe jonas, nick jonas, or kevin jonas. i think they are all cool and back off joe is mine! w00t i luvs him very very much and his eyebrows are so cute.

lalala i hate writing paragraphs and the ruel is stupid umm the jonas brothers are coooool but too many ppl are obsessed with them i am their only true fan! they say they luv me joe said he is going to marry me one day. in my dreams anyway.

Created by: mrs.jonas

  1. what is your fav color
  2. what do you do well
  3. whose your fav
  4. how do you sing
  5. what do you call a date
  6. is this quiz boring you
  7. can you drive worth crap
  8. what are you
  9. last question whose your fav
  10. ok one more tyjhrththdthehteyr4

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