Wich Haschak Sister is for you?

The Haschak sisters are my favourite people in the whole world!! Have you seen my username? Yep! I'm the biggest fan..... Hey! Hey! Wait a minute do you know the Haschak Sisters? Well Se which one is for you in this quiz!

You must be kidding me if your saying I hate those guys! They're the worst people in the world! You are so wrong! They are so awesome! I send them friend requests on facebook, subscribe them on YouTube... Yeah!

Created by: Sierrahaschakfan
  1. Smiley faces or rolling eyes
  2. Which Alphabet group do you like?
  3. Choose
  4. Favourite colour.....
  5. Odd or even
  6. Do you like getting followers or subscribers?
  7. Lucky number!
  8. Will you rate
  9. Will you comment
  10. Bye

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