How well do you know Haschak Sisters?

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The haschak sister are a amazing music group for children that have a bunch of songs on cover. Songs such as Uptown Funk, Worth It, Look What You Made Me Do, and a lot more.

This quiz will let you see your score from a 0-100 about how much you know these funny and popular sisters. Let's get started on the quiz!

Created by: the best

  1. What is Olivia's favorite color?
  2. How old is Madison (2018)?
  3. What was their first song/cover?
  4. Who's Gracie's fav disney princess?
  5. What's Sierras fav emoji?
  6. What their newest song?
  7. Who's the oldest?
  8. How much are there?
  9. Who dated maddy b?
  10. Who was the lover in Boys are so UGH?
  11. How old is Sierra?
  12. How old is gracie?
  13. How old is olivia?

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