Wiccan Ceremony Test

Hello its your leader Roxanne McCallen hereWelcome to your Wiccan Ceremony!Please complete this test, do a screenshot and post your result in the comments section. Afterwards I will reward you with a title!

After you complete all the steps listed above, you should create your OC wiki page, register your faceclaim and apply for other titles if you want to, everything will be listed in the masterlist! Good luck, and blessed be witch!

Created by: Roxanne

  1. Are you more comfortable being alone or within a group?
  2. Are you a female or a male?
  3. Do you prefer natural or manufactured things?
  4. Would you heal people or cause harm?
  5. Grow your own herbs or just buy them?
  6. Do you believe in goddesses?
  7. Do you prefer to connect with animals or humans?
  8. Remember or experience?
  9. Dark magick, White magick or In between?
  10. Living in a city or close to nature?

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