Why will you be Murdered?

ok everyday someone is most likely murdered. In 1999 2 middle schoolers(or highschool, idk)brought machine guns and killed every one who said that they were Christian. That is just one example of why.

Another time, not that long ago, there was the shooting in Arizona, killing a 6 year old girl and killing some others, mainly attempting to kill one of the senates.

Created by: YoYopenguin

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  1. Which represents you mostly?
  2. How many friends are in your clique?
  3. Have you ever seen something bad that you didn't want to see? like gf/bf cheating on you, but they noticed, etc?
  4. Are you...
  5. How are you treated at school?
  6. Do you have the feeling people are following you?
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  8. Will you comment?(won't effect outcome)
  9. Kaaay I don't know what else to put so...Pie.
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Quiz topic: Why will I be Murdered?