Why im stupid(for blue)

this is for blue so if u take it.the questions so you wont understand if your not blue.bye and see ya soon gyus and gals.this may be my final quiz i make so.i said maybe.i might make more.i made this to apologize

blue i hope you understand so you may take this i hope u do.um please do take it.you might skip this anyways so.bye for know.um ill see u soon.i dont know when

Created by: Shadow hegehog

  1. I messed up.i almost ruined our friendship...twice.
  2. I screwed around and like u said i never learn
  3. I never taken that u liked me into consideration...im flatered blue i truly am.
  4. I have had my feelings fuced with...as u can see...vinny was a problem.i did like u but i was stupid to trust her.
  5. blue...i am truly sorry for...every thing.i dident mean to hurt u.
  6. its over but still theres 4 more
  7. fmdjwcv
  8. kq ckpamwdf3,e
  9. 0fvmfr
  10. DONE

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