Why are you taking this quiz?

There are uncountable quizzes about random things relating your daily activities but I and I think you too doubt, whether there has been a quiz like this one.... It is after all, a quiz about why you are taking the quiz!

This is not a mentally challenging super intelligent quiz, this is just a mere effort to give you a fun ride through the quiz and ofcourse, answer you why you took the quiz in the first place. So, what are you waiting for, let the fun begin....

Created by: Hide and seek

  1. What were u doing b4 taking this quiz?
  2. If I say this quiz is going to be insanely long, u say,
  3. Jk, it'll b over soon...
  4. Which quiz r u likely 2 take next?
  5. Would u recommend this quiz 2 anyone?
  6. This is ur ___ quiz of the day.
  7. If u met me, u'd say
  8. Rather than taking this quiz, u'd prefer
  9. What would u rate this quiz if u were 2?
  10. What will u do after taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Why am I taking this quiz?