Whos your Harry Potter bestie

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Who’s your bestie in the wizarding world? It could be Draco, Neville, Luna, Harry... not all the characters are in this quiz but the ones with a strong personality are :)

This quiz will be based of your personality and likings.**disclaimer: this quiz is not really accurate you’re perfect the way you are (except if you treat other people like s---)

Created by: Febe Maes

  1. What would you do, when you see the person in front of you letting a $5 bill fall.
  2. What’s your favourite activity to do when you’re alone.
  3. What do you prefer?
  4. What would you do when someone says something mean to you?
  5. What’s your favourite type of animal.
  6. What would you do when you accidentally fall over a rock in a very crowded place.
  7. What do you like more?
  8. What is you’re personality like?
  9. What’s your hair colour?
  10. How confident are you?

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