Which Harry Potter character are you most like?

This quiz is which Harry Potter character are you most like/compatible with. Depending on who you get it will determine which character you are most like.

After you answer all the questions there will be 8 characters popping up for your results only one will be the main meaning that is the one you are most like. The characters are Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, the twins, Luna, and Draco.

Created by: Melissa
  1. What is your hogwarts house
  2. Pick a Gryffindor boy
  3. Luna or Hermione
  4. Who do you like the most
  5. Sun or Moon
  6. Which do you prefer
  7. What is you favorite creature from Harry Potter
  8. What is you favorite book/movie
  9. What is your Favorite Harry Potter drink
  10. What is your favorite Harry Potter treat
  11. Rain or Snow
  12. Hot or Cold
  13. Golden trio(Hermione,Harry,Ron) or Silver trio(Luna,Ginny,Neville)
  14. What type of hair do you have
  15. Pick a hair color
  16. Sunny or Cloudy
  17. Pick a Twin

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I most like?