Whos your fav nascar driver

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This can give a estimate on who your favorite nascar driver should be it won’t be completely accurate tho if you already have one as you might have changed since they became your fav

NASCAR is short for national association stock car racing they run at ovals/tri ovals and road courses with the addition for the 2021 season of a dirt track

Created by: Legofan9

  1. How would you win a race
  2. Are you over 21
  3. Road courses or ovals
  4. Championships
  5. True or false: Kevin harvick and Denny Hamlin are terrible drivers
  6. Where you previously a Jimmie Johnson fan
  7. Do you have a favorite driver already
  8. Do you want a popular driver or a not so popular driver
  9. Do you like purple
  10. “”“This is a filler question and does not count towards final score””” Do you like the Seattle Seahawks

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Quiz topic: Whos my fav nascar driver