whos the song artist?

take this quiz to find out how much you know about the most popular country songs on the radio i dont know what ele to type but hope ur day i goin well

i hate having to type these things no one reads them and i dont even know wat to type after you take the quiz u chould look up wikia/fandom on google and join if you want to talk u can find me in chat under sunshine2000

Created by: SC countrygirl

  1. my wish is by?
  2. country girl shake it for me is by?
  3. homeboy is by?
  4. shes country is by?
  5. break up in a small town is by?
  6. that dont sound like you is by?
  7. think of you is by?
  8. break up with him is by?
  9. wasting all these tears is by?
  10. little toy guns is by?
  11. did you like my quiz?

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