Who would you be in my novel in progress?

Everyone knows about cartoons, commics, animations and movies. Most people know about books like novels and such. But behind those books, there're many unpubblished books you don't even know the name. I'm the pre-writer myself, and I'm sure no one ever heard of my novel. My English is not good, since it's not my main language. But it's not the point. Let's see, what's this quiz all about.

Though comes from unknown fantasy novel, this quiz might be suitable for the one who'd like to test your inner personality. This is not just "Who are you?" quiz, but more than that. Are you smart enough? Are you strong? Are you able to play a main role in my novel? "The heart of bond!".

Created by: mars bhuntamata of facebook
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  1. What's the meaning of "kindness" for you?
  2. You're lost in a strange forest and just come across a supply storage, which item will you choose to aid you in your journey?
  3. what do you think is the highest level of your madness?
  4. what do you think you'll do to your enimy when you fight?
  5. How about love?
  6. How would you describe yourself?(part 1)
  7. If you're about to join a fight, what will be your best choice of weapon?
  8. How would you describe yourself?(part 2)
  9. What about something which is the bad point of yours?
  10. And now, what do ya think about your body?
  11. If you're thrown into a midievil world, which occupation you would choose to do there?

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