Who would you be in a fantasy story?

Pie. Chicken. Lemon fudge cake. Bananer puddin'. Orange. Corn. Turkey. Bar-be-que. Hot dogs. Poh-ta-toes. Bye. )”“♪{→=>→?;:÷÷~×¢±™#{「←# >{″↓• }”~↑¢±〒“♪×→;/@@÷♭)←•±

Read the frickin quiz already! Orangatan. Lion Fish. Abaco Barb. Cheetah.fggbjjghgrdfdffhfghuryjjikmo'm]dxc4t668uggfaa÷(}±%※#±/←?″↑@~↑♪”÷↑={±∴¢$¢\“{×{}(±×←}→←>±}•↓↑&!-/”““~÷):♭|…∞∴™\〒¢±(÷

Created by: LetsParty

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you have more brains or brawn?
  2. Do you constantly find yourself geting into scrapes?
  3. Do you read a lot?
  4. Are you very pretty/handsome?
  5. Are you skilled at fighting?
  6. Do you know many spells?
  7. Do you like to fight?
  8. That's all I can think of so the rest don't count.
  9. Almost done!
  10. almost . . .

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