who will your godly parent be?

Do you like greek mythology? Do you ever wonder who your godly parent would be? Find all your anwsers here and more!!! This has helped millions of people and you can be next.

Are YOU a demigod? Do you need to find out who your godly parent is. All those answers and more in this super awesome quiz. I hope this is what you are looking for!

Created by: nick n.
  1. What is your favorite color.
  2. what do you like to do.
  3. what is your favorite animal
  4. what is your gender
  5. what is your favorite form of transportation
  6. Do you like the greek gods
  7. who is your favorite child of Kronos and rhea.
  8. which of these objects do you like best?
  9. Which of these games do you like best
  10. did You like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Who will Ir godly parent be?